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Internet Technology: Is It A Threat To Brand Loyalty?

Internet technology is the collective term for the processes and application of telecommunication paraphernalia and computers to collect, store, interpret, share and manipulate data into information that can be used by all kinds of entities.

We have many devices that have been used for hundreds of years to make our lives easier but at this age, we see how this kind of technology has become an essential part of living, doing business, studying and just about any kind of activity you can think of, even selling our products and services.

We do not even need to prove that Internet technology has had a massive affect on businesses worldwide, however big or small. We have seen great fascination on how technology affects the users’ information and security. We’ve also seen how these information has been translated a million times into marketing strategies, research studies and a never ending debate about one thing or another.


The Top 5 Gadgets That Make You Cool

87With a vast choice of gadgets, it could be quite confusing as to which gadgets are your must-haves and which ones are just clutter. Because we love everything technology, we have come up with our own list of the top gadgets that make you cool, basing it on how useful they are, how they make you live a more efficient life and how affordable they are too.

Philips Norelco QT4070

If you love styling your beard, the Philips Norelco QT4070 will help you do just that very easily. What makes this gadget part of our top 5 is that it makes our lives so much easier with its vacuum so cleaning the sink after a shave doesn’t take time anymore.


The Secret to Repairing Broken Screens

Breaking the screen on your tablet or mobile phone hurts, not only our feelings of attachment with our device but also and most especially, our wallets as well. For those of us who know our way around tinkering devices, it’s actually quite easy to repair a broken screen and it could be cheap as well.

I have had my share of broken screens and I can say that I am now able to confidently share the steps on how to fix touchscreens. If you’re familiar with the make up of devices, you’ll know that they generally have the same make from the back cover to the motherboard frame, the LCD chassis, the LCD, the bezel and finally the digitizer, which is the touch-sensitive glass.

For a task like this, you’ll need your basic tools like a screwdriver, double sided tape, scissors, heat gun, canned air and your work gloves.

What you would need to replace is the digitizer, which you can easily purchase from eBay.


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